It had been a while since I clapped for joy with this show, but the final moments of Fear the Walking Dead this past week had me there.

Rubén Blades‘ Daniel Salazar character in Season 1 was the strength that helped bond the two families on the run from newly zombified San Diego. Then they made him go crazy and seemingly burn himself up while talking to his dead wife in Season 2. Harrowing circumstances will do that to you, but the most important part is that you never saw him die. Next we’ll get a Salazar survival story, which I bet will be amazing.

I like the direction the new season is going. Only one family left intact, and the Madison’s are on the next episode of Doomsday Preppers! The loss of Travis, Chris and Salazar’s family (but where the hell is Ofelia?!) were tragic, well, not Chris so much, but now the cast has whittled down to two story lines. I look forward to Strand & Salazar’s especially at the Dam Of Death.

It’s a great location. It’s big and secure, and if you misbehave, you get thrown off onto a pile of Walkers below who chew you up like a trash compactor. The other story-line is interesting too: what happens to those who prepared for the apocalypse, actually have to survive in the apocalypse? Surely some of those folks were just looking for a nice retirement home and didn’t want to pay taxes.



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