The Leftovers finished up its third and final season past Sunday, with the episode “The Book Of Nora”.

Named after the character who lost her husband and two children during the Departure, we see her story end, and Kevin’s attempt to re-connect.

Much like Damon Lindelof’s other show, Lost, there’s bound to be controversy. Personally, I loved it. Minor spoilers ahead if you didn’t watch.

I watched it twice, and felt it was a perfect ending to an almost perfect series. Faith, grief and acceptance was this show’s core spinning wheel of emotion. The finale focused on Kevin’s love for Nora, and Nora’s love for her lost children. Separated by a world and years apart, Kevin finally finds Nora in the Australian outback.

He attempts to start over the relationship as if they barely knew each other because to start over with someone is a rare gift. It’s awkward, and confusing, especially to Nora, who goes along with it as long as she can stand.

He eventually admits to lying, but after all that suffering, can you blame him for trying? Maybe, maybe not, but it truly came across as the last chance for a second chance to connect, in the only way he knew possible at that moment. At least Justin Theroux’s incredible acting made it feel that way.

However, the real kick, the psychological matrix of this world was Nora’s final monologue. Describing her trip in the machine, to the place where the departed went: the place I was a little proud of myself for guessing last season when it was suggested it was a natural event: a parallel Earth, where the 2% experienced 98% of the population’s disappearance. Nora’s line that “we” lost many, but to them, they lost “everybody”, is a powerful and true statement in many circumstances.

When you think you’ve got it bad, there’s always many more who have it worse. You can debate the circumstances of that forever, but her story, without any visuals, was an amazing journey. Was it real? Or a coping mechanism for her grief and acceptance?

That choice is yours. I chose real, because I’m I sci-fi geek more than a psychologist, but the story and Kevin’s line of (I’m paraphrasing here) “Of course I believe you, why wouldn’t I believe you?”, was a great ending showing what can matter between two people the most, now matter how far it takes for them to find each other: trust. Really excellent series.

I highly recommend it if you haven’t seen.



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