“Weird Al” Yankovic is a national treasure. Far from the days of waiting for his newest pun-version song of Top 40 staples, he has proven himself to be a comedic genius. Have you seen UHF?

Do yourself a favor and track it down. His turn as band director on Comedy Bang! Bang! was too short of a sweet surprise, and he’s turned up in so many videos and skits that it would be hard to pick just one to recommend.

Luckily, I can: look up Hanson‘s “I’ve Been Thinking ‘Bout Something” video. Now here he graces us again, for the official Weezer video of their cover of Toto‘s ageless hit, “Africa”.

This video is a deep layer of meta: It’s a lip-synching cover of Weezer’s covering Toto, and the video is a rendition of Weezer’s OTHER original song, Undone (The Sweater Song).

Did you get all that? Even if you didn’t, enjoy the weirdness.



Brian Daly

Much more than just a 'Social Media Manager', since 2012 Brian has been sharing his writing skills and social commentary on everything from movie reviews to the state of quantum physics. He's known in the office as the 'funny guy'...we have very low comedy standards...

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