The great don hertzfeldt just re-released his classic animated short film REJECTED in 4K, on Youtube. He asked the question: what was your first experience with this thing?

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My answer:

I thought it was so good, it made me angry. Scolded by teachers denouncing my doodling for years, this was a kick to the senses of what animation can be: much more than alien battles strewn throughout my marble covered copybooks, but twisted reality. And a few very quotable lines doesn’t hurt. He doesn’t find it as funny as it was, but I disagree. Maybe I just haven’t had my fill of absurd animation, just yet, but I find this just as funny as it ever was. Please enjoy, or maybe please watch and be confused. If you like, then look up his other shorter, but a little bit longer, films: The World Of Tomorrow, Parts 1 & 2.

You can read the full article here.



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