Have you started a summer reading yet? A book for the beach, or a recommendation from a friend?

If you haven’t, this story is all you’ll need. If you have, add this to your list. Bump it up to the top. Because you will be amazed at this story.

I’m sure many of you, as I, remember the Monopoly game from McDonalds. It’s was a sure as happening every year, like a Friday The 13th or Jean Claude Van Dam movie every summer. I don’t recall actually playing, but I know it was an American marketing staple for years.

Did you play? Chances are, you never stood a chance.

It was all fixed.

This incredibly detailed article by Jeff Maysh introduces you to the world of big marketing sweepstakes and a cast of characters who used an insider to collect millions, while the rest of us only collected calories when going to McDonalds.

This was known publicly, and frustrations were high. Do you remember? I didn’t. And I’m willing to bet most Americans don’t remember either. There is a surprising reason, but I’m not going to tell. Trust me, read the article. I’d imagine somewhere in Hollywood, they’re turning this into a script, right now

Do not pass go, go directly to the link. 

Image Source: FoxNews

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