The first-ever littleblokes Kickstarter Staff Pick goes to the inspiringly cute A Reason to Smile Vol. 2 by Javier Cruz Winnik, which follows the adventures of young Luiza Brillante, who has a way of seeing the best in everything … and everyone.

The 8.5″ square book is the sequel to the incredibly successful “A Reason to Smile“, which tells of a little girl who is a walking silver-lining. We picked up our own copy when we met Javier at the Jersey Shore Comic Book Show, and fell in love with the heart-warming message that quite literally gives you a reason to smile.

So – why should you back this awesome project?

Because A Reason to Smile Vol. 2 is an inspirational book that teaches you no matter how dark the day may seem, there will always be something in the world to make it brighter. It will lift your spirits, fill you with creativity, and make you want to go out and do something productive!

You can get a digital copy for as little as $5 – or for just $20 you’ll get a bonus 16 pages in hardcover and a whole lot of other goodies – we’re really looking forward to the tote bags!

Check out the project on Kickstarter to find out how Luiza makes the world magical – we don’t want to spoil it too much!

A Reason 2 Smile by Javier Cruz Winnick

Luiza Brillante won’t let anything keep her down, not chores, the crowded subway, or her friends telling her she can’t play football!

If the second book is anywhere near as good as the first, then you’re in for a real treat – so get your copy now!

… why not donate a copy (or ten) ?

Here at littleblokes we find the message of A Reason to Smile so inspirational, we think it would be a great fit in places like children’s hospitals and treatment centers – where there can never be too many smiles – so we’re going to make sure we donate a whole bunch of these great books to a good cause. If you’re feeling generous … why not do the same?

We’ll help send the books to a good home – just add a comment when you back the project that your support is a donation, and we’ll take it from there!  
A Reason 2 Smile by Javier Cruz Winnick

You can follow Javier Cruz Winnik on twitter, instagram (some GREAT artwork here!), read his blog on, and see even more of the good stuff over at Deviant Art!




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