When you have a lactose intolerant Llama, going non-dairy can be hard!

This weeks littlebloke is the Larry Brown the Lactose Intolerant Llama – and not only does he love Llactaid infused milkshakes, he needs YOUR vote!

As with last weeks Homicidal Gherkin, the idea for Larry came from a rather bizarre conversation on Instagram with some of our fans.  As the weeks go by, we’re starting to realise just what a warped creative mind some of our fans actually have.

Larry Brown the lactose intolerant Llama
Vote Larry Brown for Senate 2018

I might have to start a #LactaidLlama campaign: replace the cow!

Of course, Larry running for Senate? I mean, that’s a joke, right? Well – when you’ve had a movie and reality TV star as President, with a talk-show host and multiple rappers itching to have a go in 2020 – why not a Llama in the senate? It feels like the next logical step…

Next week we’ll be back to inking more monkeys: because you can never draw enough monkeys.





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