Everyone knows there is only ONE reason why you would want to marry into the British Royal Family: to get your own Ladybird Souvenir Book.

And so here is your first look at HRH Rachel The Duchess of Sussex*:

HRH Rachel The Duchess of Sussex

…or at least, what we think it would look like – yes Ladybird, we are available for hire…

But unlike HRH Catherine (aka ‘Kate’), HRH Rachel has a vast back-catalog of modelling and TV images which could be used in the book, and a public life that will tell a very different story.

Diana: Princess of Wales

Ladybird joined the wave of Royal Wedding excitement in the early 80’s and published books to commemorate

the marriage of Prince Charles and Princess Diana – which took place just 6 days before the future Duchess of Sussex was born.

The entire family were given their own biopics – with William and Henry being added during their cute phase, and updates 20 years later to mark the unfortunate deaths of Princess Diana and HM Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother.

Ladybird book Royal Family Collection

And no, that wasn’t a slip of the tongue – Prince Harry is actually called Prince Henry, and speaking of names…

Yes: Meghan Markle was actually born Rachel Meghan Markle.  Now, whether she uses her stage name, birth name, or – our preferred option – changes it legally to Sparkle (oh please, please become Princess Sparkle Markle!), is yet to be seen, but in case she does stick to her stage name…

HRH Meghan The Duchess of Sussex

Regardless of what name Ms. Markle uses and what title she receives – it’s a given that we can expect more merchandise than a Disney Star Wars production.  As if we’re really complaining: just take our money already.

And in case the future HRH is reading this, and you are considering that name change, to give you an idea of what that could look like…

HRH Sparkle Markle The Duchess of Sussex

With a third baby on the way for William & Kate, is there also the possibility of a George, Charlotte & {bump} book like their dad & uncle appeared in?  We can but hope…

** We should point out here, that the official title of Ms. Markle has not yet been announced, mainly to give the British tabloids something else to speculate on.




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