You may have noticed (hi mum!) it’s been a while since we posted some ‘original’ artwork over here at littleblokes.

We’ll save the story for another day … but recently this little thing called ‘life’ has been throwing lots of spanners in the works. I think I even saw an adjustable monkey-wrench in there somewhere …

So, what HAVE we been up to?

Admin Tracy and super-star-DJ Brian have been doing an awesome job bringing you all the latest comic, nerd, and industry news, and Dee has been keeping the lights on. And we hope you’re enjoying all the good stuff on Facebook and Twitter!

We also just had our first-ever successful Kickstarter Staff Pick! So, you can see we’re not just sitting around twiddling our thumbs, but the ‘to do’ list has certainly grown …

Where are the littleblokes?

Now, what’s planned for the rest of 2015?

There are LOTS of fun projects in the works, and although it’s halfway through the year I’m hitting the ground running. But before starting anything new, I’m completing a few others first. For example, all of the ‘blokes in the image above were originally sketched in 2012 and I figured it was time to either give them a quick colour, or cast them into the folio of rejects … COLOUR IT IS THEN!

More news coming soon about our upcoming plans including con appearances and events, our first comic in the NIRDHOUSE series, our original children’s book … and a special project involving LOTS and LOTS of … MONKEYS!!

Intrigued? Good!

Now, I suppose I should get to work. Keep an eye out for more exciting updates!





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