I can’t believe I never did this before!

I’ve been a geek for quite a while. My dad raised me with comic books and Springsteen.

Well, now much of geek culture is mainstream, and guess who’s on top? Not me, but I like to think that I am close. Finally, something awesome happened, that’s made me a little more respected in my community. I went to New York Comic Con.

It was one of the best moments of my life. I was thrown into a surreal world where everyone, for the most part, is your friend. As I was walking to the Javits Center, I met a few girls who recognized my cosplay (Lucy Heartfilia from Fairy Tail). They complimented my cosplay and gave me tips, the “How To of NYCC,” if you will.

I kept meeting more people, some I had known, some that were new. People asked to take my picture, asked how I was doing, advised me on how to approach things, and the list goes on! I felt like a member of one very large family. It was beautiful, and I was sad to leave.

Leaving the Con did not mean I was done. I fully intend to go back next year, as well as search out other Cons. I found it amusing to share my stories of NYCC with all of my friends. They intend to come with me next year. I’m already coming up with cosplay ideas, and things I want to get. This is only the beginning.

I want to thank my dad, Tracy Crinion, Marc Heyhoe, Zach Nora (for being my escort), and my friends Abby and Kieran, as well as everyone who was considerate and all around nice to me at the Con. It is really appreciated!



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