I recently streamed the new reboot of Lost In Space – Netflix and was presently surprised, as it is a fine production and a really decent TV series.

The original Lost In Space was before my time, and I only vaguely recall some reruns as a child, so my review is based on seeing this story for the first time. Although I did see the 1998 movie, but it’s best to forget that one.

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This one has the Robinsons, fleeing a dying Earth with other families, headed for Alpha Centauri and a new planet to live out their lives.

They’re attacked, they’re stranded, they have to get off the planet ASAP because of a very timely danger on the horizon (it involves Hawking Radiation, and if you’ve read about that in the news recently, you’ll be able to guess what that danger is).

The cast is excellent, and I was very happy to see that the kids were especially great as actors. Kids can really mess up a show with annoying plotlines and bad acting. Not so here. Top notch, especially the two Robinson sisters, played by Taylor Russell and Mina Sundwall.

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The only disappointment was someone I was most looking forward to watching: Parker Posey as the devious Dr. Smith. The problem wasn’t Parker herself, she is great as always, but Dr. Smith’s storyline. Much like the reasons for the mission itself, her story is revealed in a series of flashbacks. Yea, she’s twisted and mischievous to get where she is, stranded with the other colonists. But here is where her story falls apart: she continues to be manipulative and evil, but for only illogical selfish reasons. There’s no reason for her to act this way. She’s in a community that accepts her and she could have easily been just fine, without all the backstabbing, which she excuses as “self-preservation”. It goes too far. There’s no evil plan she’s creating, it’s just stupid selfishness.

Besides that, the Robot is cool, right? Everyone loves Robot.

Its story is interesting as well, and it looks like will have to wait until season 2 to find out more, but that’s fine by me. Lost In Space is a fun watch, and yes, if you have kids, I think they’ll enjoy it as well.

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