So – if you’ve been paying attention – every Wednesday for the past few weeks I’ve been posting pictures of Octopi on Le Media Sociale,  with a pool playing theme …

Mike the Octopi

I have to attribute the muse to my pool team – ‘Octopi First St’ – there are 8 of us on the team, we play 8-Ball and in a bar on 1st Street … it pretty much writes itself.

I do have an ulterior motive however – I have the infamous APA National Championship Team Shirt contest in the back of my mind … when we do make it to the Nationals (hey – what’s wrong with a little optimism?) – I’ll unleash a littleblokes tee design that will – quite literally – blow the minds of the pool-comic-tee-design-world … it’s a niche market …

Tristan the Octopi Phil the Octopi

What started as a quick sketch, has now turned into a character for each member of the team – highlighting their, erm – ‘personalities’ … ? So far I’ve completed three of the team – and as long as time permits, keep an eye out for more in the coming weeks ~ why? Well – it’s just to much fun!


Ollie the OctopiOscar the Octopi



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