This weekend sees the opening of Cardiff’s latest entertainment venue, being launched by our friends The Arcade Vaults – providing ‘retro’ – or ‘real’ gaming as I call it – experience to the Welsh masses.

I was crushed this week when my cousin said she ‘didn’t know what a Master System was’ – aside from making me feel old, it also made me want a bit of nostalgic gaming, so out came the Amiga 500 (Cannon Fodder anyone?)!

We’re sorry we can’t be there for the Grand Opening – bu t we hope to visit soon, and show off our wicked Sensible Soccer Banana Shot. It rules!

…and who knows, you might even see some exclusive littleblokes swag turn-up in the store at some point…

Good luck Chris Munasinha on the opening weekend! Here’s a cool write-up from Wales Online to give you a sneak peek! :: MH

You can find the link here.



Marc Heyhoe

Founder & Creative Director of NJ based lbStudios - Marc has spent over 20 years in the IT industry working on global digital media projects, is an avid reader, writer, illustrator and collector of Ladybird Books. :: "Imagination Rules the World".

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