Every once in a while I read some upcoming film news and get excited to see the outcome. Even every less in a while, it’s only the name of the film that might cause such a reaction. In the recent past, there was The Assassination Of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford. Long title, and a powerful, moving film that I love. Then there is Snakes on a Plane. Funny title, but not a great movie.

Yesterday I saw this movie poster and had to verify it was real. Could it be? Quintessential cowboy, tough guy and walking narrative Sam Elliott as a man who kills Hitler, AND THEN THE BIGFOOT? What? How? Who put these elements together? What crazy drug-fueled vision quest occurred where someone thought:

“Dude, hear me out, a legendary American war veteran who assassinates Hitler, and then, get this, is recruited by the Canadian government to hunt a sasquatch?”

Sign me up! Yes, this is a real movie, and there isn’t a trailer or release date yet, BUT… based on the title and premise alone, it looks magnificent.

It could be a steaming turd of a movie.

We just don’t know. But right now, I’m enjoying hearing Sam Elliott’s voice saying, “Time’s up”, clicking back the hammer of his gun and seeing the look on Hitler’s, and Bigfoot’s, face!

Image result for the man who killed hitler and the bigfoot


Brian Daly

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