This event has been a long time coming. Too big a task for one telescope, eight observatories on Earth focused in on the center of our galaxy to capture an image of the massive Black Hole that turns at the center.

A virtual telescope as big as Earth, about 6,200 miles in diameter.

The image should be of the Event Horizon, a place in space and time where nothing escapes, as everything close is drawn into the abyss, possibly to emerge on the other side from a White Hole, but that’s another story. And another possible universe.

We won’t see the image until 2018, mostly because to collect the data from all the observatories will take time and resources (they’re not easy to get to).

But the most exciting thing: scientists have NO idea what this image will look like. We’ve only had guesses since Einstein predicted them in 1916.

Let’s just hope the abyss doesn’t stare back.

Based on “Black hole Images for First Time by Event Horizon Telescope” by Matt Williams for Universe Today



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