Star Trek: The Next Generation fans, you’ll enjoy this Honest Trailers of the series. The 30th Anniversary is upon us of the iconic continuation of the Federation’s creeping into the frontier.

This is a respectful, if not hilarious, montage of the repeating phrases and gestures you may not notice unless you’re binge watching the series.

That would be difficult 30 years on, especially the first two seasons, which really haven’t held up well.

When is the last time you watched the pilot, Encounter At Farpoint? It’s cringy at best, especially since most of the characters haven’t developed to the welcome familiars we loved later in the series.

I mean, Troi and Riker can talk to each other telepathically! Funny, they must have agreed never to do that again after the space jellyfish almost destroyed the Enterprise.

Speaking of Riker, my absolute favorite part of this video is at the 7 minute mark: The Riker Maneuver! I never realized that Will Riker thinks every chair is a small horse he has to mount.

Hilarious. Enjoy this, HU-MANS.

Honest Trailers: Star Trek the Next Generation



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