This week’s new-but-not-so-new #tbt comes from a January 2012 sketch, reinvented to pay tribute to our ever-productive government.

TBT: Blokes of Rome

This is actually one of the first ever littleblokes ‘skits’ I put together – although I forget what they were arguing … oh, sorry, ‘debating’ … about in Congress. But, there was another party standoff, the fiscal cliff was looming, and surprise surprise – that Congress went on to become the least productive in US history.

Apparently, I can tell the future.

Blokes of Rome work in progress

This was also one of the first times I really started to play with Illustrator and vector/line images, and I soon learnt that inking is the way to go. Well … I mean all digital is really the way to go, but I’ll go down swinging …

I’ve always had a bit of a ‘Roman’ interest, and I kind of like these littleblokes, so there may be more to follow!




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