Just like Napoleon, I do my best thinking in the bath. This week’s #tbt from January 2013 is a Friday night self-portrait of yours truly ‘deep in thought’.

Bubble Bath Day by littleblokes

I discovered January 8th was Bubble Bath Day (seriously … it’s really a thing!), so I threw together this sketch. Time was short, and it was a bit rushed (the original is below) – so I promised myself I would one day revisit.

Happy Bubble Bath day!

As with most of these #tbt pictures, it’s funny to see how my technique, style, and colouring has changed in such a short time. Or maybe now I’m just spending a bit more time thinking about these things … ?

I had planned to make this pic my ‘Bubble Bath Day 2015’ sketch (this was originally inked back in November 2014) – but, well, that little thing called ‘life’ got in the way – and I couldn’t wait until 2016 to share. So instead you get to see the bubbly-goodness early!!

It still took 2 years to get this finished!





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