Inked in January 2014, when the world was abuzz with Star Wars VII rumours and I was watching Mars Attacks!, I always wanted to turn this lil’ guy into a 2D shooter.

As with most of my characters, this guy started off as nothing more than a brain-in-a-bowl. As soon as I realised this Ming-the-Merciless look-a-like was going to be sat in a spaceship, it seemed rude not to add a nice starfield; and with all the Episode VII chatter, using the ‘Jedi’ font seemed an obvious choice.

The only problem now is … I want to use that font EVERYWHERE … I might have to put it in the virtual lock-box with ‘Comic Sans’ …

Space Box Derby by littleblokes

Writing games is a great way to learn a new programming language – logic flows, operators, array handling – they have all the programming-101 good stuff. Might be time to edumacate myself …





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