Once upon I time, I traveled to Panama. I took a tour on the Panama Canal. Truly a marvel to witness. The size of the man-made river is awe-inspiring, and a note on the tourist pamphlet, curious. “Monkey Island”, it read. Well, I immediately made my intentions known that we had to see Monkey Island, because if you don’t want to see an island full of monkeys, then you’re probably dead. The canal was undergoing dredging at the time, to make it wider and deeper, so of the rocks and dirt scraped from the bottom, some of it compiled next to Monkey Island. So when we arrived, Monkey Island was abandoned. The monkeys had simply walked off and away. I did see some monkeys: Elusive howlers, and cute capuchins. But I always wondered what a Monkey Island would be like… until…

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In a truly, “My god, what have we done…!?”, the moment, the seeds of a Planet of the Apes has been planted in Liberia. The only thing keeping them, from us, is water. I also learned on that hot day in Panama: monkeys can’t swim. Let’s hope these monster chimps don’t find a land bridge one morning, or we’ll be screaming damn and dirty in the streets in no time.

Source: The Sun


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