We caught up with NYC-based artist Emilio Velez Jr. working hard on Issue #9 of his kid-friendly comic The Dodgeball Teens to learn more about the series.

One of the most well-traveled artists on the East Coast, we first met Emilio at the Jersey Shore Comic Book Show where we fell in love with his bright, colorful, and amusing comics.

In fact, we thought Emilio’s style matched littleblokes so well, you’ll find a special littleblokes appearance in Issue #8!

Emilio Velez Jr showing off The Dodgeball Teens Issue #8
Emilio Velez Jr and Willy Wonka with The Dodgeball Teens #8

The stories follow a group of siblings through their wild adventures playing dodgeball – who knew the game involved lasers…AND evil villains?! Here’s more of our one-on-one:

Q: Why dodgeball (instead of football or another sport)?

EVjr: The reason I chose dodgeball is because of two things: one is the Dodgeball movieand two is a show on the Game Show Network called Extreme Dodgeballwhere dodgeballers compete to win money.

“I’m a character person. I like to see what the character looks like…”

The Dodgeball Teens by Emilio Velez Jr.
Some of the awesome characters in The Dodgeball Teens

Q: What do you enjoy most about creating comics?

EVjr: The most enjoyable part of making the comics is creating the characters papertyper.net. I’m a character person. I like to see what the character looks like, what does this person do, or that person do.

Q: Where do you get the inspiration for your stories?

EVjr: I get ideas from watching different cartoons. Yes, I’m 34 and still watch cartoons! But I also research stories on the internet by reading story plots and cartoon scripts. Sometimes I pick up phrases in real life and write it into the story.

“Yes, I’m 34 and still watch cartoons!”

The Dodgeball Teens by Emilio Velez Jr.
We LOVE all the bright colors in The Dodgeball Teens

Q: You go to a lot of comic cons and shows – what do you like most about them? Which show is your favorite?

EVjr: I’ve done a lot of conventions but I also do arts and crafts fairs, lectures, and even dodgeball tournaments.

My favorite convention is the Baltimore Comic Con because I sell my comics and artwork really well, and see a lot of my friends there. I love doing that show every year.

Q: What does the future hold after Issue #9 of The Dodgeball Teens?

EVjr: After Issue 9, I may think about doing a special issue or graphic novel on The Dodgeball Teens.

In the future, my ultimate goal is to hopefully get The Dodgeball Teens as an animated series and get them on TV, and show it across the country and around the world.

Thanks Emilio! You can order all 8 copies of The Dodgeball Teens online. Follow Emilio and The Dodgeball Teens on Facebook and Twitter for updates on Issue #9, and where you can find them next!



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