Back in the 80’s, before the Internet, and when ‘mobile’ phones were the size of a small house (if it wasn’t attached to the wall by a cord), we had to wait with anticipation for the VHS release of our favorite TV shows and movies.

1984’s “We All Stand Together” from Rupert & the Frog Song was a HUGE hit for Paul McCartney & Wings – spending multiple weeks in the UK charts, and to this day is one of my favourite music videos – the full Rupert short-film still a classic in my books.

But when the VHS of Rupert turned up under the Christmas tree – I was even more enthralled by the bonus video – 1978’s ‘The Oriental Nightfish’.

The animation was simply memorizing: with every frame hand designed and painted by the amazingly talented Ian Emes – who’s iconic work you’ll recognize if you’re a Pink Floyd fan.

Image result for the oriental nightfish

The geometric/3D animation waan s inspiration for some of my earliest forays into 3D modeling – hand-coding polygons and vertices in BASIC on my BBC Micro. Yup – I was a nerd from a VERY early age.

I watched the last 4 minutes of the VHS so much – hitting << RWD // PLAY > – that I literally wore out the tape, and never got a replacement copy.

I hadn’t seen this video for 25+ years, but after rediscovering it on YouTube this week – it not only still holds up as some of the best hand-drawn animations I’ve ever seen, I still can’t stop watching it.

I may not be able to break the YouTube, but my iPad has a big dent on the screen where the play button is.

So sit back and enjoy the trip that is The Oriental Nightfish!

Also, if you would like a quick nostalgia trip, check out the video for 1984’s “We All Stand Together” by Paul McCartney & The Frog Chorus here.



Marc Heyhoe

Founder & Creative Director of NJ based lbStudios - Marc has spent over 20 years in the IT industry working on global digital media projects, is an avid reader, writer, illustrator and collector of Ladybird Books. :: "Imagination Rules the World".

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