When murder is no big dill, you call in The Homicidal Gherkin.

In the beginning of 2017, as we all do when the year starts out, I made a resolution – to draw a new character a week.

I think I made it to week 4.

This year, I’m brushing off the crayons once more and trying it again, determined to see the littleblokes cast ‘n crew grow.

The homicidal Gherkin by littleblokes 2018
The Homicidal Gherkin: When murder is no big dill…

Here it is…the first new littleblokes of 2018! “The Homicidal Gherkin”, who grew from an online conversation among ‘friends’, and has also led to some shockingly bad pickle jokes and puns that any British tabloid would be proud of.

The Iron Pickle by littleblokes
This isn’t the first pickle from littleblokes…

And no time is better to publish these comical marvels than on Saturday mornings, which used to be the only time you could watch your favorite cartoons, huddled around the 24″ CRT in your PJs with a bowl of ice-cold Frosties.

The Homicidal Gherkin’s origin story is entombed in 420 comments and pickle puns

We will publish a finished comic every Saturday, and show updates and work in progress throughout the week on Instagram and Facebook.

lil pickle - another big dill from littleblokes
…in fact, we’re starting to think we have a pickle ‘thing’…

As much as I love our on-demand culture, there are certain routines and rituals of a simpler time that I miss. And if I’m melancholy about the 1980s now, I’m sure going to be a grumpy old man in 30 years…



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