Continuing our birthday week – here’s a super blast-from-the-past …

The one and only time I’ve ever created a ‘3D’ version of a littlebloke – was way back when I was a spritely (or hobbit-ish) 14 year old, in 1994 for a school art project.  I gave my mum the finished piece as a gift – and it still sits on display in my old bedroom [Awwwwwwwww].

(Thanks for the pics mum! I’m even more impressed you managed to use your iPad to take the picture, attach to an email and send them to me! You are getting tech-savvy in your old age)

I just realised these guys have a bit of a Nick Park Morph-esk feel …

How do I know it was 1994?  If you’re a football (aka. ‘soccer’) fan – you might notice the two workmen are wearing National shirts from Ireland and Holland – a game played on July 4th 1994 at the 1994 World Cup, held in the US.

For those wondering why they aren’t wearing England shirts, well – we failed to qualify that year.  Before I created the piece, I had to convince the teacher that a ‘cartoon-like football sculpture’ was ‘art’; oh how things have changed – the concept sketch below is the second real-appearance of a ‘littlebloke’

World-cup workmen: a school project




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